Friday, 24 October 2008

How to Make Money Online Primer

Hi again all you honest people out there! My last post Indexing Search Engines?, was a shortish info article about how you shouldn't expect to stay static in the SERPs especially with newish sites due to the more fluid approach the search engines seem to be taking with their indeces.

Well, that aside, many people are still floundering around trying to figure out how to make some decent money via the of the green stuff!

Well, one of the not so well kept secrets to the whole ethos of the easiest way of making money online is really to stay out of the MMO arena altogether. Instead, make sure you concentrate on far less competitive niches. While that may sound, to a newcomer to be gobbledygook, it's actually a proven fact and one worth taking note of.

The MMO niche is so saturated with everybody and his dog trying to earn easy money from the Internet that the vast majority (I'm talking 95% plus here) simply are not actually making enough to cover the cost of their cheap hosting account.

The smart money is in the less competitive niches where there is less cash to be made but a heck of a better chance of making it.

So the honest advice for today is to find a few low competition niches where people have a need for something, be it a product or information, then build your sites to target the long tail keywords associated with those niches.

Build relevant, original content on and links to your sites, because that's the only way you're going to get any authority in each of the search engines' index placements, which will send targeted traffic to your site, then put up your ads, be they PPCm affiliate or lead generation and you should start seeing the dollars coming in. Not in great wads, but a steady stream that you can then build upon by targeting more fresh, low competition niches.

While all that's happening and you can see the moolah start to appear in your paypal or bank account, then you can start on the very long term projects of targeting more competitive niches.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Indexing Search Engines?

Following on from that last post A Writer's Incredible Means to Make Money from the Internet, which was a bit of a mouthful, but typical of a freelance writer's way with words, it's time to tun my attention once again to gathering links to boost a site's SERPs authority.

It seems that a certain search engine is tinkering with their algorithms so much that the index is in a constant state of flux. This is probably fine for a casual surfer looking for some information on whatever, but a veritable pain the the rear for a more serious surfer who found a great site yesterday and wants to go back there today but forgot to bookmark it. They go back to the same search engine, type in the same keyword phrase but the site they found yesterday has disappeared!

How annoying must that be!

Well from a marketer's point of view its equally annoying especially if it was your site that particular surfer wants to visit again, maybe to buy something they saw on your site! I can see how that would be a tad annoying!

So for the one part, the search engines fluctuating index might be a good way to deal with spammers who are for ever trying to flood their index with crap sites that are full of ads and nothing else of value. For another part it can frustrate surfers looking to re-visit sites they found one day that are gone the next for no good reason other than the index is more fluid to frustrate spammers.

And of course for the other part it frustrates honest website owners who are trying to build up a legitimate commercial business online with websites that sell merchandise and provide useful information as well.

While there is no definite proof as to what makes the SE indexes tick exactly, it does appear that older, more established sites are left well and truly alone, while newer sites that are trying to carve out their own equally legitimate businesses are being thrown all over the place like they were no better than spammers themselves!

I would have thought that with the technical expertise and sheer weight of experience and ability available to that certain search engine that they'd have their index fixed to provide both information and commercial sites of legitimacy an equal standing in their index while actually dealing with the thin affiliate or MFA sites accordingly.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

Friday, 4 July 2008

A Writer's Incredible Means to Make Money from the Internet

Following on from ny last post Domains vs Free Blogs, I'd like to mention a great way to make money writing.

Writing content for your own websites is a very important part of developing an interesting SEO friendly home where readers can be certain of a good read.

But it doesn't end there. I’d like to extol the virtues of a truly great additional source of income for anyone who is interested in making some cash from writing. That’s a place known as Constant Content.

Constant Content are an article/content brokerage website resembling the popular Associated Content (AC). The difference between the two is that Constant Content accepts written work from writers situated worldwide, whereas AC accepts only writers that live in the United States.

The potential amount of money that can be made from Constant Content are much greater than you would expect to earn from Associated Content. This is chiefly due to the fact that the way of selling your articles is rather different for each company.

Associated Content will take your article and pay you straight away for it. The amount is normally around $5-$7 per 500 word article, although that figure may increase the longer you are a member and the greater the number of articles you submit (which are accepted) to approximately $10 per article. The articles you submit then become the property of Associated Content, which they can then sell on to website owners as “usage” rights. This means they are able to resell each of your articles again and again meaning they are not unique. I guess we all know what Google's take on duplicate content is by now.

Constant Content, on the other hand are rather different. When you submit your article to Constant Content, you state the way you want it to be sold. It can be from a choice of either "usage" (the cheapest), "unique" or "full rights" (the most expensive).

This is so important to know. The majority of content buyers visit Constant Content looking to buy "full rights" articles. This means they become the sole owners of that article and can put their name to it as their own work, which is the main reason why it's the most popular. It is also guaranteed as original and unique content, which further adds to its appeal.

As to earning money, for a 500 word, "full rights" article, the usual fee is around $40. Of this, the author makes 65% ($26), while the remaining 35% is taken as commission and expenses by Constant Content.

Another difference of importance is that Constant Content do not pay you, the author for your article right away as does Associated Content. What happens is that your article remains in your own portfolio on the site and waits for a content buyer to select it. That’s the major downside and one reason why so many potentially accomplished authors drop out. People are often impatient and don't wish to be made to hang around for their article to be sold.

However, for those writers that are prepared to wait, once an article is sold, you get paid by Constant Content at the commencement of each month. This is one way how to earn cash online. Logic dictates that the more articles you store in your portfolio, then the more articles you will sell. Over time, your portfolio will grow and provide you with a ongoing flow of earnings as long as you continue to keep submitting more articles in order to keep it growing. As an author, you will begin to become known by a lot of the frequent content buyers and if they like your work in your portfolio, you might very well be asked to do private work for them, which many of the main authors there do. This can actually become extremely lucrative.

Wouldn't you like to collect $26 for a 500 word article and maybe wait some time for it, than get a paltry $5-7 straight away.

If you feel like this might be something you'd be tempted to have a go at, please visit my website at the link in my bio box below.

I personally recommend Constant Content if you want to make extra cash from your writing work and don’t mind being patient.

Of course, if you need cash fast and don’t mine being paid less than a third of what you’re work is worth, go for AC by all means. Ok, that was a low swipe, but the truth often hurts!

Here are some timely tips.

Always continue submitting your best quality articles. While you may not sell any right away, have faith but submit more articles and before you know it, your first article will sell. Its a great feeling and will prompt you to submit even more. By submitting your work constantly and often, more sales will soon follow.

To help you decide what topics to write about, Constant Content publish a list of content requested by buyers both on the site and via email to each author. Even if they don’t buy yours, it increases your chances of selling your articles to another buyer. Its also a handy gauge as what subjects are hot amongst buyers.

If you want to sign-up with them, here is a handy link: Constant Content

So good luck with earning cash from your articles!

Terry Didcott
Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

Friday, 2 May 2008

Domains vs Free Blogs

Following on from my last post here Alexa Gaming, where I spoofed the holy grail of gaming your Alexa rank in order to draw advertisers to your blog, I'd like to draw attention to a post I made over at another blog as it is a poignant view on blogging.

Here is the first paragraph:

There are many people who like to use free blogs not just for the enjoyment and personal satisfaction of writing down their thoughts and publishing them on the web, but also for Internet Marketing purposes in the pursuit of making money. Likewise, there are many people who prefer to buy their own domains and host them on a professional server, for much the same purpose...

Read the full article here: Domains vs Free Blogs

You may be thinking to yourself, hey, wait a minute, isn't he doing what he hates being done to himself in stealing content?


As I'm the author of the article, I reserve the right to promote my own work by publishing small snippets of it on other websites and blogs that I own. That way, I not only widen the viewer base of that work, I can also legitimately give it a link to boost its own authority on the page it lives on. Better for the blog owner where its published and better for me by giving it a wider audience.

Win-win is the term, I believe...

Terry Didcott
Freedom Writers
The Honest Way