Monday, 12 March 2007

Next Article Posted

Hi everybody! We're into day two of the pre-launch phase of our super new internet marketing experience... THE HONEST WAY website.

Today's blog instalment is to let you all know that I have posted the second article in the series to the website and it's entitled "Finding Your Online Business".

The article makes you want to put your thinking cap on and get your brain juices flowing! It starts you thinking about what you want your online business to be. A rather important step, would you not agree?

I'm also in a bit of a thinking rut myself at the moment. I need to add some good, honest products to my affiliate list, but I'm having a bit of a struggle to find the most suitable ones. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! But please don't bombard me with stuff that is not 100% honest - after all, if it doesn't pass the honesty grade, it won't get into the site!

With day two almost gone already, I'm getting prepared for tomorrow's additions to the website. There will be the next article in the series, plus another product added to the list.

You can check out by clicking on it's link and a having a sneak preview of the site before it goes fully live on Sunday 18th March.

Thanks for looking in, see you all tomorrow

Terry Didcott

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