Wednesday, 22 August 2007

First of the New Make Money Blogs

I've been busy just lately with the creation of some new blogs and websites. I'll concentrate on the first of my new "Make Money" blogs, called unsurprisingly, Make Money!

I built it as a subdomain of my Honest Way site to prove an SEO theory that I have, that having your main keywords in your domain name count plenty in your favour when fighting the "Battle of the Search Engines". So it was originally put together as a new website with an articles page, a resource page, sitemap etc, but while all the work to create it was going on, I made a further discovery that changed everything.

It was nothing really new or unknown, just something I hadn't really thought about or put into practice, but that blogs were the new thing with Google et al and they love them because they are a natural source of constantly updated and relevant content.

Add to that the business of Page Rank (or PR).

Take any website, and in the webmaster's efforts to gain a decent page rank, he will do a lot of off-site SEO as well as on-site SEO. The off-site SEO consists of gaining popularity through links from other relevant sites. But the thing about this is, that most sites, when they put up a link to your site, will naturally point those links to your homepage. All well and good, and in good time the page rank of that homepage will increase as Google sees fit.

But what about your blog? It is common with websites to have a corresponding blog - often hosted on a sub-page of the main site, like all the other sub-pages. These are generally not linked to from other websites, so their PR remains low or non-existent.

So if you want a decent page rank for your blog, you either have to do all that off-site SEO again for the blog page, or make the blog the homepage of the website in the first place. That way, visitors to your site hit the blog first and read all your new and constantly updated content. Then they can browse through your site's other pages as well if they want.

What has happened is that visitors to your site have made a mental note that the blog is of interest and will bookmark it or make a point of returning often to see what is new. Better for your site's traffic stats and better for your site's readers, as they are getting new content every time they visit. You get the page rank your blog deserves.


Terry Didcott

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