Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Indexing Search Engines?

Following on from that last post A Writer's Incredible Means to Make Money from the Internet, which was a bit of a mouthful, but typical of a freelance writer's way with words, it's time to tun my attention once again to gathering links to boost a site's SERPs authority.

It seems that a certain search engine is tinkering with their algorithms so much that the index is in a constant state of flux. This is probably fine for a casual surfer looking for some information on whatever, but a veritable pain the the rear for a more serious surfer who found a great site yesterday and wants to go back there today but forgot to bookmark it. They go back to the same search engine, type in the same keyword phrase but the site they found yesterday has disappeared!

How annoying must that be!

Well from a marketer's point of view its equally annoying especially if it was your site that particular surfer wants to visit again, maybe to buy something they saw on your site! I can see how that would be a tad annoying!

So for the one part, the search engines fluctuating index might be a good way to deal with spammers who are for ever trying to flood their index with crap sites that are full of ads and nothing else of value. For another part it can frustrate surfers looking to re-visit sites they found one day that are gone the next for no good reason other than the index is more fluid to frustrate spammers.

And of course for the other part it frustrates honest website owners who are trying to build up a legitimate commercial business online with websites that sell merchandise and provide useful information as well.

While there is no definite proof as to what makes the SE indexes tick exactly, it does appear that older, more established sites are left well and truly alone, while newer sites that are trying to carve out their own equally legitimate businesses are being thrown all over the place like they were no better than spammers themselves!

I would have thought that with the technical expertise and sheer weight of experience and ability available to that certain search engine that they'd have their index fixed to provide both information and commercial sites of legitimacy an equal standing in their index while actually dealing with the thin affiliate or MFA sites accordingly.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

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