Thursday, 13 September 2007

An Online Version of QVC?

You are among the first to hear about and potentially profit from this.
Now most of you will have heard of QVC, the cable TV show that advertises stuff and sells it all at bargain prices every day! This show attracts an incredible number of viewers.
Well, imagine a similar thing in the online world.
I just heard about this and was impressed enough to jump right on it.
DealDotCom have what looks like a killer affiliate program to go with their new site that will sell one item per day at a huge discount! I signed up as an affiliate and would love to extend the offer to you too. You can click on one of the links and be nice to me by signing up with my link - then start promoting it yourself and get people to sign up with yours!
The best bit is: It’s free to sign up!
Just like QVC, they sell consumer goods at bargain basement prices. As an affiliate, for every customer that you send there who buys, you get paid! The site is in pre-launch at the moment but is about to go live any day now.
So what are you waiting for?
You can click here: DealDotCom to go to their site. Note: No you can't, I removed the link.
Terry Didcott

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