Monday, 25 February 2008

Honest Work

Well, it seems I'm approaching the 100 mark for my assortment of self hosted websites and blogs, free blogs and Squidoo lenses so things are rather hectic as I try to keep on top of them all!

Anyone still reading this blog may notice that I don't get to post in ANY of my blogs with the frequency that I used to, which is a knock-on effect of building up my portfolio and working them all into well stocked sites and blogs.

I've been moving into several different niches in the endless quest for money online, which to be honest is a tough target to hit with so much competition out there. But patience and toil are the two main virtues that will see this honest project through to its logical conclusion.

So stick around and visit my other, more worked on sites and see what's going on these days!

Terry Didcott
Freedom Writer
The Honest Way

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