Friday, 25 April 2008

Alexa Gaming

Hi again, it's been a while sinc my last post Honest Work, so I thought it woukd be nice to post something useful in here for all those people looking at the possibilities of gaming Alexa, or more correctly gaming your Alexa rank.

Let's face it, most advertisers and would-be sources of revenue for your blog all look very closely at your Alexa rank to see how much traffic your site is attracting, whether its make money online or work from home or another niche altogether. So you can see the importance of having a good Alexa rank to make your site or blog stand out from the rank and file crowd.

But what if your Alexa rank stinks?

Well then you need to do something about making that Alexa rank look a whole lot better than your site really is. To do that you need to be able to game Alexa into fooling it that your site or blog is attracting a whole lot more traffic than it actually is. Basically, you need a good Alexa rank reading in the Alexa toolbar, often known as Sparky, which would-be advertisers and make money sources can see so they can determine that yoru site or blog is getting a shedload of traffic and they will want to pay you top dollar for placing an ad on your blog.

So we have that straight then?

Well, how is that done? How do you game your Alexa rank to make it look like you are really attracting great numbers of traffic to your site?

Hell if I know.

I didn't say I knew how to game your Alexa rank, I just said that if your site was getting crap traffic then you should fix it so that yoru Alexa rank looks beter than it really is. Of course you can't really game your Alexa rank, but you can help it along some by going around all the blogs you like to read and commenting in them with a link back to your site and hope the owner or some of the readers of the comments will come and visit your place.

But then you would be getting better traffic anyway, so yoru Alexa rank will go up naturally.

By the way, don't expect to make money from that rent-a-crowd of bloggers either. You won't.

But that's for anotehr post.

So long for5 now,

Terry Didcott
Freedom Writer
The Honest Way

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