Friday, 2 May 2008

Domains vs Free Blogs

Following on from my last post here Alexa Gaming, where I spoofed the holy grail of gaming your Alexa rank in order to draw advertisers to your blog, I'd like to draw attention to a post I made over at another blog as it is a poignant view on blogging.

Here is the first paragraph:

There are many people who like to use free blogs not just for the enjoyment and personal satisfaction of writing down their thoughts and publishing them on the web, but also for Internet Marketing purposes in the pursuit of making money. Likewise, there are many people who prefer to buy their own domains and host them on a professional server, for much the same purpose...

Read the full article here: Domains vs Free Blogs

You may be thinking to yourself, hey, wait a minute, isn't he doing what he hates being done to himself in stealing content?


As I'm the author of the article, I reserve the right to promote my own work by publishing small snippets of it on other websites and blogs that I own. That way, I not only widen the viewer base of that work, I can also legitimately give it a link to boost its own authority on the page it lives on. Better for the blog owner where its published and better for me by giving it a wider audience.

Win-win is the term, I believe...

Terry Didcott
Freedom Writers
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